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Gęstość Dymu

Test device for determining the smoke production of materials during thermal decomposition using the method with light measurement system according to DIN 50055  

The measuring device TRDA, due to the integrated Single Board Computer with operating system Windows 8.1, the software TRDA 2016 and the high resolution color touch display, can be used in standalone mode for setting parameters and determining the optical density and transmission.  

Interfaces like RS232, USB, RS485 and analog outputs enable connectivity to peripheral devices for fast and easy export of all relevant data and facilitate the use in existing fire testing systems. Comprehensive data analyses can be performed via an external PC or notebook. Optional accessories allow for use of the light measurement system at various types of exhaust duct systems and make calibration, operation and cleaning of the components much easier.



  • Measuring device TRDA  with SBC, 32 GB SSD, Windows 8.1, 7“ color touch screen, measuring and supply modules and interfaces 1x RS232, 2x USB 2.0, 1x RS485, analog 0-1 V / 0-10 V, light emitter and light receiver
  • Light emitter RDG with halogen point light source 10W and tempered, heatproof optics
  • Light receiver RDE with silicon photo receiver, tempered, heatproof optics, spectral filter and integrated measuring light amplifier
  • Mounting flange with connection for air purge and measurement bracket for pipe installation (optional)
  • Filter set for calibration, 6 optical filters, positioning cross, transport case (optional) 
  • Single license for software TRDA 2016